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The company keeps a steady focus on environmental concerns and its eco-design approach.

Eurostyle Systems is a socially responsible group that is naturally aware, reactive and proactive with regard to the environmental considerations in its field of activity. Eurostyle Systems takes these factors into consideration right from the design phase, through to the end of life of its products.
We pay particular attention to:

– the recyclability of our products

- reducing the weight of our parts, so that vehicles consume less fuel and emit less greenhouse gas

- the non-polluting character of our production processes, designed to limit the environmental impact of our activity

– environmental management based on the ISO 14001 international standard: the first ISO 14001-certified manufacturing plant in France in 2010.


Eurostyle Systems has signed the United Nations Global Compact through the GMD Group.

By signing this convention, Eurostyle Systems has committed to respecting a series of values and principles that apply to human rights, and in particular the refusal to employ child labor, equality and the abolition of discrimination in the workplace, freedom of speech and social dialog in the enterprise, corruption-free ethics, respect for standards of health and safety and environmental responsibility.


Eurostyle Systems adopts a responsible and civil approach in its everyday activities in order to fully realize the potential of its employees.

Eurostyle Systems employs best-in-class practices, favors social dialog and consultation with the staff and its representatives and is fully committed to improving safety, preventing the risk of accidents in the workplace and protecting its employees’ health.
These corporate values are naturally incorporated in our supplier management processes, which aim to develop a « sustainable » purchasing policy that extends to our engagement with our international partners.