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Customer expectations and new standards are both decisive factors that shape the automotive market.

Eurostyle Systems is contributing to the development and conception of the car of the future through its five paths of innovation:

allegement-ico  confort-ico  design-qualité-ico  sécurité-ico  matériaux-verts-ico


A vehicle’s weight directly impacts its performance and fuel consumption. The car of the future must be more economical and more ecological. So weight needs to be reduced, but without compromising comfort, quality and safety. Eurostyle Systems is engaged with the carmakers in a number of automotive projects looking into means of reducing the weight of materials. Weight reduction also fits in closely with our environmental policy.


The notion of comfort is another decisive factor. Today’s cars are genuine mobile living rooms. This question for wellness on-board demands the development of new products, such as the local soft armrest or the two-tone medallion, both developed by Eurostyle Systems to make its customers’ products more diverse and attractive.


Eurostyle Systems contributes to the vehicle’s design and the quality of the interior, from the components of the dashboard to the seat linings, from the central console to the door panels and from the boot parts to the cabinet work. Eurostyle Systems proposes a multitude of materials and technologies that offer a broad range of decor solutions for every style and for every segment of the car market.


Passive safety includes all of the items that, by their presence or action, can minimize the seriousness of an accident. The emergence of these standards has led us to apply them to the production of our parts. Pedestrian impacts constitute a new criterion that is directly applied to the parts of the cowling grills, located just under the windshield. Eurostyle Systems has developed a number of innovations meeting this new requirement that have already been put into production on several series-produced vehicles.


Clean cars represent another challenge for the future. This is a very topical issue in the automotive sector. So it is only natural that Eurostyle Systems proposes bio-sourced and recyclable materials that have a direct impact on environmental performance.