Branch Digital Transformation Coordinator


Type de contrat

France - Les Ulis (91) or Châteauroux (36)



Date de validité

Bringing together the technical center and central functions, Eurostyle Systems has a total staff of 215 employees. The teams at the technical center are dedicated to research, development, and testing for all the units in the plastics and leather branch. The central functions are in support.
Reporting to the Industrial Director, the main responsibilities of the Branch Digital Transformation Coordinator are to:
• Lay out an overall strategic roadmap, as well as a more personalized digitization and automation roadmap for each
department and business unit.
• Choose which projects take priority, and help quantify the budget and return on investment for each one.
• Plan, execute, and follow up on the digitization projects that are given priority.
• Set up and coordinate multidisciplinary project teams on each project.
• Get each department involved and define an operational roadmap for each one. Ensure that each manager is adequately
trained and coached to implement the necessary transformations.
• Define measurable performance indicators to confirm the proper execution of operations and his/her overall success in the
role. Document best practices as well as disincentives to change, so they can be respectively implemented and avoided in the
other departments.
• Plan, implement, and monitor the costs of internal/external resources and materials on the various projects.
• Approve solutions at the time of their set-up. See to the proper documentation of the implemented solutions and training of
key users and day-to-day users.
• Maintain a continuous technology watch to identify new technologies likely to be useful to the company, its managers, or its
• Report to management on the progress of the digital transformation within the company.

– Experience managing a digital transformation roadmap in an industrial organization (3 to 5 years)
– Experience as an industrial project manager and in the Lean methodology, production, and/or logistics preferred
– English (TOEIC score > 800).
– Capable of leading change in the branch’s organizations and plants.
– Able to lead and conduct working groups.
– Capable of managing multiple tasks within an overall project.
– Proficient with Office software.
– IT skills (hardware, software)
– Knowledge of automation and digital tools in the industrial sector.