Branch Logistics Costing Leader


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Eurostyle Systems Les Ulis (91), France



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Reporting to the Branch Logistics Coordinator, your main responsibilities will be as follows:

  • During the acquisition phase, draw up the logistics proposal to meet the customer’s request. The steps involved are as follows:
    • Calculate the internal and external packaging requirements, as well as any rental costs (the definition is established by the Packaging Costing Manager).
    • Calculate the costs of storage space (internal or external).
    • Calculate the necessary logistical resources.
    • Calculate transport costs as well as customs costs in coordination with the purchasing department.
    • Consult logistical service providers in order to meet the customer’s needs after drafting the specifications (transport, forward warehouse, synchronous software supplier, etc.).
    • Calculate the investments required to meet the customer’s specific needs (synchronous supply, picking).
    • Fill in your sections of the customer documentation (FCLA, RFQ log file, etc.).
    • In conjunction with the sales department, present your offer to the customer.
    • Propose improvements that add value in terms of cost-effectiveness.
  • In the development and/or mass-production phase:
    • Calculate the cost of logistical changes requested by the customer or project.
    • In conjunction with the sales department, present your offer to the customer.

A 2-year university/technical college degree with operational experience of logistics in a factory setting, and a very good level of English. Some knowledge of German would be a plus. You have a good level of familiarity with automotive logistical flows (external packaging loop, forward warehouse, synchronous supply, transport), production line supply modes, Incoterms, and internal loop sizing. You know how to analyse our customers’ technical specifications and you have a good ability to communicate with the customer and manage multiple tasks within an overall project. Finally, you are proficient with the Office software necessary for the role.

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