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Eurostyle Systems, Châteauroux, France



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Under the authority of the New Business Quality Manager, your main responsibilities will be to:
– Take into account and initialize all consultation files on request from the Pre-Project department.
– Gather all the available elements and request missing items in order to carry out the complete analysis.
– Make contact with customers and meet them if necessary.
– Use all specifications, standards, procedures, test methods and customer documentation necessary to perform your work.
– Use all feedback to confirm or reject customer demands in consultation response files.
– If necessary, lead multidisciplinary working groups in order to converge as closely as possible with customer demands or to suggest the best compromises in the responses proposed.
– Propose and/or adapt validation plans that fully meet requirements, which may or may not be expressed, as well as proposals for simplification.
– Carry out the optimised costing of all requested and/or proposed validations in order to submit them as soon as possible to the Pre-Project department in order to secure the most attractive costs possible.
– Carry out all internal loopbacks in order to achieve the closest match between the technical file and the quality file that will be given to the customer.
– Prepare the quality response file in the customer format and in the requested language.
– Send and/or present internally or at the customer’s premises, with the company’s other departments, the response file and if necessary argue the case for it.
– Ensure the total traceability of the files processed, with internal tracking available.
– Set up a database to improve response times.
– Ensure feedback from consultations in order to optimise our responses in real time.

A two-year university-level degree, equivalent professional experience, and a strong command of English and/or German. Must know how to read and understand a plan/technical drawing; and how to analyse the documents necessary for its function (consultation files, specifications, standards, test methods, etc.). Must know how to justify and negotiate the choices proposed in the response files at the end of the consultations. Good knowledge of the technical characteristics of validation tools. Lastly, capable of making recommendations to optimise the responses to files.

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