Industrial Machinery & Equipment Purchaser


Тип контракта

Eurostyle Systems, Châteauroux, France



Дата действия предложения

Reporting to the Tools and Industrial Facilities Purchasing Manager, your role will be to:
• Carry out the purchasing of industrial machinery and equipment
• Research, visit and audit suppliers to optimise the selection for our performance strategy
• Analyse the specifications of industrial machinery and equipment to identify requirements, and use this information to select the best suppliers
• Consult with suppliers to ensure compliance with specifications, and launch calls for tenders
• Negotiate prices and deadlines and place binding orders after authorisation from the immediate supervisor
• Distribute production schedules among project managers in order to define milestones
• Check the production progress of machinery and equipment at the supplier’s site in order to keep the customer informed if needed, or in the event of slippage
• Attend project progress meetings and highlight milestones, design phases and machinery and equipment launches, and distribute progress reports to the design office
• Lead the plan to reduce the purchase costs of industrial machinery and equipment


Two years of university-level education or equivalent professional experience with a strong command of English.
Good knowledge of the technical specifications and methods used to design and produce industrial machinery and equipment. Highly proficient with purchasing methods and techniques, as well as the IT tools required for this role.
Capable of negotiating with suppliers.

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