New Business Sales Engineer for Stellantis (France)


Type de contrat

France (Les Ulis)


Date de validité de l'offre

  • Analyses our market share in relation to Stellantis’ expectations and competitors’ offers in order to define QCDP improvement areas by challenging the support functions (Design to cost approach)
  • Leads the full RFQ process in compliance with the customer’s planning while ensuring that their requirements & specifications are identified and well understood by the internal teams.
  • Builds the commercial offer according to the sales strategy and internal processes in order to present it to the customer and to book order intake.
  • Prepares and leads the negotiation with the customer in order to be nominated on businesses with a profitability in line with the company’s requirements.
  • Monitors the cost reduction actions by product family and by customer (VA/VE, Monozokuri).
  • Follows the technical evolution of the interior/exterior parts of the Manufacturers’ cars and proposes, with R&D support, new development areas.
  • Prepares and leads face-to-face and/or remote Customer meetings with the New Business Sales Manager.

In terms of know-how:

  • Knows how to negotiate and masters negotiation tactics
  • Knows how to build a clear, concise and engaging commercial presentation
  • Knows how to build a comprehensive & exhaustive offer/contract
  • Masters costs break down & knows how to use available competitive drivers to build a commercial offer
  • Is able to monitor efficiently the Price Tracking Database Is solutions oriented – Manages problem solving and involves his or her hierarchy, if required.
  • Assertivity & Leadership – Mastering communication tools and adapt the wording to challenge & convince the Customer

In terms of Knowledge:

  • Knows how to use Sales IS applications (A-DCP, Scopp, E-RFQ, Doc info, etc…)
  • Master cost breakdowns and profitability indicators
  • Master Project Management tools, milestones & expectations at each step of the project
  • Knows the major products and industrial processes of the plastic and leather segments
  • Knows and is able to use Excel spreadsheet/ SAP Application for Sales & masters Powerpoint
  • knows automotive industry and its technological disruptions for a better understanding of customer’s stakes
  • Financial & Legal basics knowledge
  • English B2