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Reporting to the Tools and Industrial Facilities Purchasing Manager, your role will be to:
– Launch calls for tenders, analyse and negotiate supplier bids, check consistency with quality, cost and turnaround requirements
– Streamline the general expense procurement base by removing non-competitive suppliers
– Seek out the most competitive products and suppliers through technology intelligence
– Request and analyse quotations in relation to general expense purchasing requests from various departments
– Manage and monitor cross-functional contracts (cleaning, security, IT equipment, phone services, photocopier rentals, etc.)
– Contribute to continuous progress by generating ideas to boost procurement productivity
– Sign and have superiors sign for new orders and contracts, as well as changes and closures
– Resolve administrative issues and manage potential pricing disputes

Two years of university-level education or equivalent professional experience with a strong command of English. Good knowledge of corporate strategy and the tools and techniques used in the field of purchasing. Proficiency with the IT tools required for the role.


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