Packaging and Logistic Costing Coordinator



Description et missions


  • Define/ Design packaging to improve product delivery, quality & safety
  • Makes sure that the packaging process is compliant to ergonomic, safety and environmental regulations
  • Define packaging logistic costs (costs of durable packaging, durable and expendable fittings)
  • Define logistic loops respecting Eurostyle standards (lot size, subcontracting)
  • Calculates total logistics costs according to the logistics flow incl. transport, sequencing, warehousing and logistic IT costs and the area needed for storage
  • Defines the direct labor costs required in logistics
  • Formalize the comments associated with the customer’s requirements in the technical file
  • Formalize Customer logistics File and Cost Break Down (CBD) File
  • Define logistic process flow for RFQ and realization phase and creates technical presentation in case customer is requested (e.g.: VW- QTR)


  • Kaizen mindset: Ability to think process leads to result. Ability to define industrial standards and ensure they are respected.
  • Ability to define & understand the different logistics flows linked to the project and to design the proper packaging for products and optimize it
  • Ability to manage by priorities
  • Dealing with matrix organization
  • Directed in continuous improvement in logistics tools (pull systems, JIT, loop calculation)
  • Analytical mindset: Ability to deal with numerous data, analyze in detail to self-check the costing global values
  • Break-down the Costs: Ability to understand, evaluate, calculate the total cost breakdown of packaging, and define the strategy for cost reduction


  • Know how to act and react quickly when needed
  • Is accurate and have exemplary behavior in the company
  • Respect values, processes, rules and standard
  • Cooperate with colleagues, other departments, and external partners
  • Is proactive and act in the way of the company
  • Express point of view in workshops and decisions



  • Master’s degree in industrial packaging/logistic or five years in higher education or equivalent professional experience
  • Knowledge in ergonomy linked to packaging
  • Stay plugged into logistics market and emerging technologies/industry trends (incl. Competitor benchmark) in terms of transportation and packaging
  • Financial awareness: ROI calculation and knowledge of business financial basics (Investment, Cash, SIG)
  • Knowledge in packaging simulation software
  • Knows the customer’s logistics specifications and the logistics response documents (FCLA, Lfile, LRB…)
  • Know logistic flow process (especially JIS/JIT) and loop calculation standard incl. EU Trade compliance (import, export, customs)
  • English B2