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Eurostyle Systems, Châteauroux, France



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Under the authority of the Controlling Manager, the Plant Costs Controller is responsible for:


  • Analysing and ensuring the reliability of the factories’ results/budgets/business plans.
  • Using SAP to ensure the reliability of the margins for the ranges in series production.
  • Validating internal/external productivity calculations.
  • Analysing/auditing monthly results and budgets by going through the details of the plants’ gross margins.
  • Being responsible for the analyses and explanations of the lines above the gross margin in the intermediate balance.
  • Monitoring the margins per product in life series production and raising the alert in the case of a margin deviation.
  • Checking the stock turn of items to calculate stock depreciation.
  • Taking part in preparing and analysing annual budgets.
  • Helping to set up and implement processes to improve the company’s performance.
  • Developing and constantly refining analysis tools, indicators, and management control procedures based on computer processing.
  • Promoting and maintaining a positive working and team environment.


A 4-year university degree or equivalent professional experience, and a strong command of English. Strong skills in SAP and mastering the computer systems necessary for the role (Excel in particular), as well as the standards/practices of management control and cost accounting. Good analytical and adaptive skills and the ability to produce summary reports and other reports.


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