Plant Logistics Manager


Тип контракта

Eurostyle Systems Klin, Moscow region, Klin city, Russia



Дата действия предложения

Under the management of ESN plant manager, your main missions will be:
— Ensure customer satisfaction: supervise day to day activities, anticipate customer requirements and maintain good relationships, manage the launch of new programs within the plant.
— Lead the logistics team and set objectives.
— Ensure adequate staffing, training and development of team members.
— Monitor logistics processes: supervise day to day activities, prepare and propose the Sales and Operations Plan (PIC) to the plant management committee, assure the responsibility of the Production Plan (PDP) with Production manager, improve & enhance performance and relationships of suppliers and logistics partners.
— Monitor logistics performance and implement necessary improvement actions in coordination with other plant functions (Quality, Production, Lean, Methods’ …).


• Master’s degree (technical education)
• Work experience in an (engineering) position for at least 5 years and in a managerial position for at least 2 years
• Master methods and communication tools
• Master of office tools expected: Excel, Powerpoint, Word
• Fluent English (written and spoken)

Logistics manager should know:
• Federal laws and regulations governing the exercise of commercial activities;
• Principles of forecasting in logistics planning and logistics;
• Principles of design of logistics systems;
• Principles of design and construction of logistics systems, logistics connections;
• Logistics information systems and their functions;
• The basis of customs and transport legislation;
• Principles of production planning;
• The economy and the transportation of goods by all modes of transport;
• Methods and procedures for planning and inventory management;
• Principles of warehousing;
• Principles for the distribution of products;
• Requirements for registration of the supply, transportation, warehousing, sales and financial records;

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