Product Pilot


Bucharest (Romania)

Description et missions

Reporting to the Product Development Manager, your main missions are to :
• Validate the technical and technological choices with the help of the other business experts of the Technical Direction during technical reviews.
• Define and validate the product and the modifications whatever their internal or external origin.
• Carry out functional analyses and validate the functional quotation.
• Initiate and lead the Design Reviews in accordance with the development schedule.
• Participate in the Product Corrective Action Reviews in collaboration with the Mold and Quality Department.
• Participate with QDP in the elaboration of the product’s control charts.
• Define in collaboration with the business experts the implementation of the Product FMEA, participate in the follow-up of the actions with the project quality manager.
• Check against the input data of the design and analyze the deviations in particular in relation to the consultation file.
• Create bills of material and ensure their update throughout the project.
• Schedule tasks and resources (development schedule) according to the milestones to be met.
• Follow the «product evolution» and «POE sheet» processes
• Participate in the development follow-up by respecting the rules of use of the internal tools.
• Monitor the impact of changes (internal or external) in terms of costs and seeks the most favorable solution at this level.
• Participate in the development of the validation plan with the Project Quality.
• Follow-up and validate the work of the actors involved in the definition of the product.
• Ensure the feedback of information within the department.
• Refer his actions to the Project Manager, to his hierarchy, or to the management depending on the impact.
• Negotiate with the client in terms of technical choices, proposed actions to be taken and deadlines.
• Able to explain and defend his/her design choices, whether internally or externally.
• Evaluate the requirements in the recommendation booklet.
• Establish himself/herself as a reference in terms of improvements or innovations according to its returns of experience (internal/external).
• Follow-up the evolutions in terms of design or process through its customer visits or other means.
• Participate in the economic synergy from the start phase to the end of life.


• Bachelor’s degree and similar professional experience.
• Good command of English.
• General knowledge of plastics processing techniques and technologies (plastic injection).
• Mastery of the analysis and functional quotation of the process and product design.
• Ability to lead a meeting or a work group.
• Ability to manage a project and a team (project platform, functional animation of the trades).
• Ability to monitor and manage resource