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Eurostyle Systems, Châteauroux, France



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Under the authority of the Projects Responsible, your role will be to:
– Be responsible for the objectives of cost, quality, lead time, project margin and profitability of parts.
– Ensure the invoicing to the customer.
– Build and manage the internal (MPS) and external project schedule (in client format), ensure the progress of the tasks and the respect of deadlines.
– Update billing milestones in SAP accordingly.
– Make decisions and manage the project team (functional link).
– Ensure the exchange of information with the customer, and negotiate the actions to be implemented.
– Participates with the Sales Department to the sale argumentation and objectives definition.
– Represent the company.
– Choose the best solution in terms of QCDP in case of problems to solve.
– Have the support from all Departments Directions to get their commitments and skills.
– Anticipate and control the risks and hard points of the project and its industrialization.
– Orchestrate the transfer of the project in the factory by managing in particular the interface between the technical center and the factory.
– Report project difficulties to the Projects Manager and for all project progress meetings
– Provide reporting to the PMC about the technical and economic topics by highlighting the hard points and drifts of the project.
– Centralize feedback on each milestone and propose ways to improve the project’s balance sheet.

A 5-year university degree or equivalent professional experience and a strong command of English.
Good knowledge of automotive’s industry and development procedures (customer requirements).
Highly proficient with following and planning project’s investments and profitability (in development and in production) and with costumers’ negotiation (technical, economic and planning topics). Capable of animating a meeting/working group and piloting a project and a multi-field team.

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