Project Manufacturing Coordinator

You will be responsible to:

  • Define and improve capacity machines and equipment’s standards,
  • Train on new equipments and machines,
  • Optimize Plant layout, manufacturing workflows and resources efficiency on new projects,
  • Assess readiness of plants on new projects,
  • Follow Run at Rate results and support for improvement actions,
  • Follow suppliers until definitive reception,
  • Evaluate manufacturing processes based on quality criteria, such as efficiency and speed,
  • Find ways to reduce manufacturing costs and maximize quality,
  • Determine the balances and the most relevant production mode according to the work content.

  • Master’s degree or 3 years of experience in Methods & Process or Project Management
  • Knowledge of Manufacturing process
  • Commitment to health, safety & ergonomics standards and environmental regulations
  • Knowledge of business financial basics (Investment, Cash),
  • Knowledge of products, their performance, their quality and suppliers’ technologies and constraints linked to the process.
  • Ability to train/coach on shop floor
  • Ability to think process leads to result. Ability to define industrial standards and ensure they are respected
  • Ability to plan, organize and manage resources and define the set of activities for successful,
  • completion of project tasks, milestones and objectives, respecting the project constraints such as quality, time and budget
  • for customer satisfaction.


This position is a full-time job with travels in our different plants and technical centers.


Type de contrat

France (Châteauroux)


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