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Under the authority of the Project Quality Manager, your role will be to:
– Ensure that the drafting of technical schematics (dimensions, tolerances, etc.) meets the Quality objectives.
– Write the general inspection procedures.
– Draft the pre-production monitoring plan ensuring a balance between customer requirements and internal requirements (cost-effectiveness).
– Contribute to implementing action plans in the event of non-compliance of a product.
– Analyse the functional specifications (customer’s/internal) in coordination with the other project leaders, determining if the objectives are sustainable and the resources/costs to be associated.
– Draft approval plans in line with the requirements of the technical specifications.
– In coordination with the relevant departments and within the framework of the FMECA (Product, Process), determine the failure modes, causes, and associated action plans.
– Ensure that projects comply with internal procedures.
– Centralise and distribute feedback, QDP and plant quality department reports, etc. and ensure that they are taken into account.
– Ensure the accuracy of project reporting for all checklists at the end of the development phase.
– Take part in FMECA, SJP, etc. meetings or working groups.
– Coordinate between the parties working on the Quality objectives by transmitting priorities to them and ensuring that information is sent down the line.
– Provide reports to the Project Manager on tasks and results for Quality issues.
– Send information to the customer in line with the customer’s own procedures.
– Send all internal and external requirements to the Purchasing Quality Department so that it can relay them to suppliers.
– Identify any problems that could lead to product non-compliance and alert the relevant parties.
– Make arguments to the customer in terms of actions to be implemented based on internal technical expertise.
– Ensure that the interests of the customer are represented internally.
– Propose improvements to manufacturing processes based on feedback.

A 4-year university degree with equivalent professional experience and a strong command of English.
Familiar with the techniques and technologies associated with plastics processing (injection).
The ability to read and understand a schematic/technical drawing, an ability to analyze the results of a quality inspection and an ability to lead a meeting/working group and to manage a project.


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