Quality Project Leader (H/F)


Châteauroux, France

Description et missions

GMD Plastic & Leather Systems is a GMD Group Branch providing design, development and production of innovative interior and exterior solutions for the automotive industry.
With 14 production plants and 5 technical centers, we are 3,000 employees in 9 countries, generating 380 million euros in turnover.
Since 1964, we have built a long, trustful relationship with our customers

Regrouping the technical center and central functions, Eurostyle Systems has a total workforce of 215 employees. The technical center teams conduct research, development, and carry out tests for all the units of the plastics and leather division. Central functions come in support.
Reporting to the Branch Product Development Manager, your main responsibilities will be to:
• Ensure that the customer’s interests are represented within the branch.
• Compile the responses to the consultation file answering all the requested items relating to quality
• Ensure that projects comply with internal procedures (MPS)
• Ensure that projects comply with external procedures in order to obtain PSW/PPAP product-process qualification, etc. (send the necessary data to the customer according to their procedures)
• Ensure that the drawing realization (dimensions, tolerances, etc.) meets the quality objectives.
• Analyse the functional specifications (customer’s/internal) in coordination with the other project leaders, determine if the objectives are attainable and the resources/costs to be allocated
• Verify that the customer GSCR points are taken into account
• Construct and/or analyse validation plans consistent with the requirements in the technical specifications, follow up on requests for exemptions
• Establish and update the pre-series control plan and the associated control ranges, seeking a balance between customer requirements and internal requirements (profitability) in order to obtain the series control plan.
• Send all internal and external requirements to the Purchasing Quality Department so they can be relayed to the suppliers.
• Participate in meetings and all working groups (PVS, OBEYA, FMECA, etc.).
• Coordinate between the parties working on the quality objectives by informing them of the priorities and ensuring that the information is sent down the line.
• Centralize, distribute and ensure that feedbacks are taken into account from QDP and plant quality department reports, etc.
• Ensure the reporting to the Project Manager on tasks and results for quality issues.
• Ensure the accuracy of project reporting for each milestone
• Identify any problems that could lead to product non-compliance and alert the relevant parties.
• Contribute to implementing action plans in the event of non-compliance of a product.
• Report to the QP Leader and QP Manager on any difficulties encountered in your role and propose solutions for improvement.
• Keep track of the PQ leaders in charge of your scope
• Train and support the new PQ leaders within your scope
• Organize and optimize the operation of your scope through scheduling and monitoring the workload
• Conduct the individual interviews within your scope


• Familiar with the techniques and technologies associated with plastics processing (injection)
• Able to lead a meeting or working group
• Able to manage a project, a team
• Familiar with the customer requirements (APQP, ANPQP, etc.)
• Familiar with the project milestones structure: MPS
• Able to analyse consultation files, specifications, approval plans, etc.
• Four or more years in higher education or equivalent professional experience. Fluent English required.