A historic automotive equipment supplier

Schäfer-Oesterle is a provider to the automotive industry for more than 30 years.

Schäfer-Oesterle is a German-born company, employs more than 600 people in two locations in Germany and Hungary. Schäfer Oesterle is an automotive equipment manufacturer specializing in the coating of natural and synthetic leathers.

Custom manufacturing and top-of-the-range products

Schäfer Oesterle gathers, on its production and development sites, numerous workshops with complementary and rare know-how in the field of the automobile industry.
Schäfer Oesterle produces interior components with complex geometries, dressed in high quality leather according to manual or mechanized sheathed processes where possible.
Schäfer-Oesterle is also involved in the sheathing of very small components.

The quest for excellence is constantly renewed:

The classic covering, on the one hand, and the efficiency of series production, on the other hand, allow our customers to offer
a great choice of vehicle customization in terms of optional equipment.

The quest for excellence is reflected in the company’s ability to innovate and design new manufacturing processes.
Schäfer-Oesterle offers exclusive equipment and offers unique designs.

A new synergy of skills

Since November 1, 2018, the German Schäfer-Oesterle Group has joined one of the strategic Branches of the GMD Group, one of France’s main tier 1 equipment manufacturers. The GMD Plastic & Leather Systems Branch now includes Schäfer-Oesterle and Eurostyle Systems. This alliance, which is a first in the automotive world, will make it possible to offer customers innovative solutions for the interior and exterior of vehicles. The GMD PLS offer includes all modules or parts of appearance concerning the interior or exterior of vehicles. Schäfer-Oesterle will be able to rely on Eurostyle Systems’ expertise in large series and gain in capacity to develop new projects.