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Under the authority of the IT Operations Manager, the software developer is responsible for:
Carrying out technical analyses:
– Analysing the client’s needs and detailing them in technical specifications.
– Drafting general and detailed technical specifications, with forethought to potential problems and developments.
Application and database development:
– Writing the programming necessary to create a web product, which may contain text, images, video, and/or sound.
– Applying browsing rules, creating links between pages.
– Developing interfaces.
– Correcting and optimising features (quality, graphic charter, user-friendliness, etc.).
– Documenting applications for subsequent development and production release.
– Creating the associated database.
Software testing and writing corrective patches when needed:
– Preparing and carrying out module tests.
– Carrying out load tests.
– Making any corrections required following such tests or functional tests carried out by users or the project owner.
Corrective and upgrading maintenance of applications:
– Providing corrective patches when problems (bugs) arise.
– Taking into consideration the upgrading of existing technical solutions.
– Programming developments requested by users.

A 2 to 3-year university/technical college degree or equivalent professional experience. Proficiency in:
– Development environments (e.g. object technology, IDE, eclipse, beans, ASP, .NET- Development platform: J2EE, etc.)
– Web applications (e.g. JavaScript, Flash, Dreamweaver, Visual Basic, PHP, Flash, and other related software)
– Familiarity with frameworks
– Familiarity with content management systems (Drupal, WordPress, PrestaShop)
– Programming languages (e.g. (X)HTML, C/C, Java, (My)SQL, JSP, XSLT.)
– Familiarity with development methodologies (object methodologies, “agile”, etc.)
– A high degree of proficiency in PHP
– A high degree of proficiency in MySQL
– A good command of English


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