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Project Leader

Under the hierarchical responsibility of the Branch Projects Director, you participate in the project development and its implementation in production plant from nomination until SOP + 6 months, within the QCDP objectives.

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Apprentice Project Management Obeya

Under the responsibility of the Pole Project Manager, your main missions are:
Continuous improvement of our Project Management process.
Define new working methods and then support all project managers in their implementation (20 international project managers).
The first identified projects are:
Virtual Obeya: evolve Obeya meetings towards remote animation, facilitating the interactivity and involvement of project teams and customer factories; the 1st step being to choose the collaborative tool
Economic: define the supports and set up the routines for monitoring economic margins
Lean: identify wasted time in the process and suggest improvements to tools and working methods

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Branch Digital Transformation Coordinator

Reporting to the Industrial Director, the main responsibilities of the Branch Digital Transformation Coordinator are to:
• Lay out an overall strategic roadmap, as well as a more personalized digitization and automation roadmap for each
department and business unit.
• Choose which projects take priority, and help quantify the budget and return on investment for each one.
• Plan, execute, and follow up on the digitization projects that are given priority.
• Set up and coordinate multidisciplinary project teams on each project.
• Get each department involved and define an operational roadmap for each one. Ensure that each manager is adequately
trained and coached to implement the necessary transformations.
• Define measurable performance indicators to confirm the proper execution of operations and his/her overall success in the
role. Document best practices as well as disincentives to change, so they can be respectively implemented and avoided in the
other departments.

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Serial Life Sales Engineer

As part of his/her daily activity, the Serial Life Sales Engineer will drive the projects in serial life from the J7 milestone (SOP+6 months) in accordance with the organization processes (C4, C5, etc.).

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Project Sales Engineer RNM

Working under the Sales and Customer Marketing Director, the main responsibilities of the project business manager are the
– Manage the business activity related to projects under development in the relevant customer sector in order to improve their
economic profitability up to SOP + 6 months.
– Analyse the company’s performance

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Branch Lean Manager

Working under supervision of the Industrial Director, the main responsibilities of the Branch Lean Manager are the following:
• Lead and participate in the implementation of a continuous improvement process in conjunction with the Industrial department.
• Operationally manage the Lean team under his/her responsibility.
• Lead (in a support role) the “Lean Leaders” in the different sites in the set-up of a production system, common to the entire branch.

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