GMD Group

Eurostyle Systems has been integrated into the Plastic & Leather Branch of the GMD Group since April 2009.

Schäfer-Oesterle joined Eurostyle Systems in 2018. Both brands constitute the GMD Plastic & Leather Systems Division of the GMD Group.

GMD was founded in 1986 and was initially focused on cutting and crimping. Thanks to regular and controlled growth, the GMD Group is today an equipment manufacturer with a turnover of more than 932 M€*, employs nearly 6000 people* and has the trust of its customers.

The GMD Group is organized around 3 main businesses:

  • Stamping
  • Casting
  • Plastics and leather
GMD has cultivated industrial expertise in the technology and associated services involved in the production of mechanical, electrical, and electronic assemblies, components, and parts, and is present throughout the process—from design to manufacture.

More information about GMD on the Group’s website:

* figures as at 31/12/2022