Plastic & Leather Systems

This Branch is dedicated to the manufacture of plastic parts and natural and synthetic leather sheathing for automobile and equipment manufacturers.

It is composed of two brands:

Eurostyle Systems is specializes in the development and production of modules and decorative parts for interior and exterior vehicle trim.


Schäfer Oesterle is a German-born company, employs more than 600 people in two locations in Germany and Hungary. Schäfer Oesterle is an automotive equipment manufacturer specializing in the coating of natural and synthetic leathers. To learn more about Schäfer Oesterle>> click here.

The companies of the plastic & leather systems rely on a lean matrix organization that integrates the following support directions:

  • Administrative and financial department
  • Purchasing department
  • Business unit management
  • Business directions
  • International development department
  • Industrial department
  • Quality department
  • Human resources department
  • Technical department