Eurostyle Systems presents its exhibition around an industrial vision of recycled materials in the automotive industry from September 21th to 24th



During its participation in France Design Week in 2020, EUROSTYLE SYSTEMS presented automotive parts, resulting from the NFPP process and the use of recycled cotton fibers in the framework of 2 exhibitions: 20 objects from here and Recycle me, the material of design. These pieces presented technical qualities -structure and weight saving- and aspect -touch and “denim” color of recycled denim cotton fibers.

Based on this experience and its background in innovation as an automotive supplier, EUROSTYLE SYSTEMS launched the Less Plastic project, which was approved by FRANCE RELANCE.

Today, EUROSTYLE SYSTEMS wishes to continue its research and development of new materials, by integrating local partners: schools, associations, industrial companies, … to :
– Expand its panel of materials to be valorized (organize itself into a network) and specific know-how (initially on a company scale: nature of waste – leather, textiles, plastics / form – scraps, rejected parts, end of compound stock / valorization process available – thermocompression, overmolding, injection, sheathing).
– Anticipate the growing demand of its customers in terms of sustainable development solutions via new aspects and all this in an eco-responsible approach.

 During France Design Week Loire Valley, the eco-campus of Châteauroux “Le village by CA” or Cité du Numérique hosts Workshops and exhibitions, a didactic shaping of samples and materials and some parts, for the automotive industry, workshops with students DN MADe of the high school Camille Claudel – Blois.