GMD Plastic & Leather Systems is improving its performance as part of its “Excellence Production System” approach.

Operational excellence is the strategic focus of the Branch and is applied on a daily basis at all production sites and, above all, at each position.
The ambition is clearly defined: to achieve the best performance in terms of safety, quality, cost and delivery time.
This approach aims to meet the requirements of our Customers, but it also helps to ensure better working conditions for all employees.
GMD Plastic & Leather Systems applies a methodology carefully implemented for all its employees and a production system using a set of methods and tools in a work environment that promotes quality, performance and motivation of the teams in its 13 plants and 5 tech-centers and those in its central functions.
The “Excellence Production System” approach is audited every year at all sites. This is a guarantee of achieving strategic objectives and maintaining the success and performance of all sites over the years. The audit is structured around eight main topics:

· Health, safety and the environment,
· Quality
· Employee empowerment
· The site’s industrial equipment
· Production
· Flow
· Logistics
· Management

The “EPS 2020” audit helped the Sens plant (France) to top the rankings and show that the collective efforts have been successful.
The plants in Klin (Russia) and Châteauroux (France) came second and third respectively.

This audit will also help to keep the sites aligned with the continuous improvement of the 2021 strategic axes defined by GMD Plastic & Leather Systems.