Eurostyle Systems Bonyhád has obtained ISO 14001 certification.

ISO 14001 certification is an international standard which defines the criteria for an effective environmental management system.
Obtaining ISO 14001 certification has many advantages for a plant, and has become an increasingly important requirement in today’s context of growing concern for the environment.
ISO 14001 certification demonstrates the plant’s commitment to protecting the environment, reducing its impact on the environment, preventing pollution and complying with current environmental regulations. This reinforces the plant’s credibility with customers, investors, regulatory authorities and the local community. In addition, ISO 14001 certification can open up new business opportunities for the plant.
By obtaining this certification, Eurostyle Systems Bonyhád improves its operational efficiency. By identifying and assessing the environmental aspects of its activities, the plant can implement measures to reduce the consumption of natural resources, minimize waste production and optimize energy use. This can lead to significant cost and resource savings, while strengthening the plant’s long-term sustainability.