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Health & Safety Policy

Scope : This Health & Safety policy applies to ail company Sites and defines the branch Health & Safety Policy that is rolled out to ail site Health & Safety policies. It is revised annually according to our  Branch Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy and Health & Safety issues during Corporate Management Reviews.

Responsibility :

The Branch General Manager appoints the Human Resources Director to drive the improvement of our Health & Safety impact.

We are committed to continue our development through continuous improvement and providing safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injury and ill health

which are appropriate to the specific nature of the risks to which workers and others are exposed.

Thus, in line with the main Health & Safety risks related to our activities, services and products, and those of our stakeholders, we commit ourselves with the support of our employees

and partners to deploy an efficient Health & Safety management system throughout all our sites.

As such, we focus our efforts on the following action and objectives:

  • Reduce of 50% our accident frequency rate by 2025 by focusing on safety culture through risk awareness, behaviors and continual Improvement;
  • Have continuously an internal EHS Specialist for each of our production plant;
  • Create an ISO45001 based Health & Safety management system based and indicators regarding working conditions and management criteria;
  • Realize and keep up-to-date a risk assessment in all plants in order to eliminate hazards and reduce our risks;
  • Train and raise awareness of all the people (internal & external) working in our facilities to the risks which they are exposed, and the rules they must follow in order to avoid accidents;
  • Implement a common regulatory watch platform and assess 100% of our legal and local Health and Safety Requirements by 2024

We commit to implement in all our sites a local Health & Safety Policy with the commitment of each Director that with the collaboration of the representatives of the workers, they will promote a favorable H&S culture, define specific objectives to the activities, products and services, and ensure their deployments in all processes.

This Health & Safety Policy is communicated to all of our stakeholders via our Website and Internal Communication Board & Journal.