Eurostyle Systems launches its major AGV project in Spain

AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) are autonomous vehicles which will be used in #eurostylesystems plants to transport our parts from one place to another without the intervention of an operator. These vehicles are equipped with sensors that enable them to navigate autonomously in the workshop environment, avoiding obstacles and following a predefined route.
AGVs will be used to transport packaging filled with parts, often very heavy or bulky, or to carry out repetitive tasks such as transporting parts from one production workshop to another.
These AGVs will enable Eurostyle Systems plants to improve the efficiency and safety of plant operations by reducing waiting times and minimizing the risk of accidents associated with manual handling of parts.
The introduction of AGVs reduces the risk of forklift accidents, eliminates non-value-added operations, reduces drudgery and improves logistics productivity.
Well done to all the teams who worked on this great project.