Eurostyle Systems celebrates its 60th anniversary!

To celebrate, Eurostyle Systems welcomed nearly 500 employees to Châteauroux, where it all began.
This celebration of the company’s 60th anniversary is an opportunity to honor all those who have contributed to its success: the founders, former employees, some of whom are still with us today, local partners, customers and, of course, current employees from 11 countries.
It’s thanks to everyone’s commitment and passion that Eurostyle Systems has been able to achieve this level of excellence and renown.
Everything has been organized to make us proud of the road we’ve travelled, the challenges we’ve met and the successes we’ve achieved. It’s thanks to all our teams that we are a well-known and respected company today.
Six decades ago, our visionary founders laid the foundation stone of the company in Châteauroux, with a clear ambition: to become a major player in the development and production of plastic parts for industry.
From what started out as a French company, Eurostyle Systems has grown into an international enterprise with a presence in 11 countries, and we’re proud to employ 3,200 people!
Over the years, Eurostyle Systems has evolved and developed to meet the changing needs of our customers. Our dedicated and talented teams have risen to every challenge and surpassed every expectation, making our company a key player in the automotive sector.
Bravo again, and thanks to all our employees for contributing to the success of this company