Eurostyle Systems Melloussa: production of the first parts!

Eurostyle Systems Melloussa: production of the first parts!

After the launch of Eurostyle Sytems Tangier plant in 2010 and as part of its strategic development, Eurostyle Systems is launching the production of its first parts in its new plant in Melloussa (Morocco).

After 9 months of work, the plant welcomes a new team supervised by employees also working on the Tangier site.

Located in the Tangier Automotive City (TAC) Free Zone, 20 kilometers from Tangier and close to the Renault Melloussa plant, it is the sixth Plastic & Leather Systems plant started in eight years and the third factory built from scratch (Greenfield). This new plant is of particular importance to GMD PLS because its strategic location and production capacity will strengthen the partnership with Renault in Morocco.

Eurostyle Systems Melloussa, extends on a ground of 7000 m² and mobilized an estimated investment of 12 Million Euros.

In terms of equipment, this new plant will accommodate injection molding machines of different tonnages, ranging from 1500 to 2700 tons. This will make it possible to produce mainly large plastic components such as front and rear bumpers or door panels. The parts will be delivered to automotive manufacturers such as Renault in Tangier & Casablanca, or to Tier 1 suppliers such as Yazaki or Leoni.

On September 3rd, the factory saw the first part (A front & rear shield skin), the first essential step for the validation and qualification of processes by the Customer, coming out of these machines.

The team is pleased with this first success, with a ramp-up that should end in July 2020.