Eurostyle Systems Tangier has been awarded the prestigious Q1 certification from Ford in the following four categories: Efficient system, quality excellence & performance, high level manufacturing system, and reliable materials management.

Ford has developed a certification programme called ‚Q1‘, setting standards that represent a consensus of good management practices, and ensuring consistent delivery of our parts to the highest quality standards.

To be recognized by Ford as a Q1 supplier, Eurostyle Systems Tangier had to achieve high performance results for six consecutive months before being certified, and must now maintain those performance levels over the long term.

One of the most important factors in the Q1 certification is Ford’s approval of each and every process related to planning, logistics, and the supply chain. This is an evaluation based on the MMOG (Materials Management Operational Guidelines/Logistics Evaluation) method.

That method is aligned with the objectives of the IATF 16949 global quality standard.
The Moroccan plant must now meet all the criteria of Ford’s “Overall Quality System”. This award opens up new opportunities for Eurostyle Systems to collaborate with Ford worldwide in the future.