Our innovations

Consumer expectations and new standards shape the automotive market.

Eurostyle Systems contributes to the design and development of the car of tomorrow through targeted innovation in five areas:


The weight of a vehicle directly impacts its performance and fuel consumption. The car of tomorrow must be more environmentally friendly and more economical. This means using lighter components without sacrificing comfort, quality, or safety. Eurostyle Systems cooperates with carmakers on various vehicle programmes to lighten the materials used. Vehicle component weight reduction is part of our environmental policy.


Comfort is a determining factor. Our cars are becoming mobile living environments. The quest for well-being on-board entails the development of new products, like soft individual armrests and two-tone ceiling lights, both solutions designed by Eurostyle Systems to offer diversity and attractiveness to our clients’ vehicles.


From dashboard parts, seat upholstery, and central consoles to door panels, boot components, and trim, Eurostyle Systems products enhance the design and quality of vehicle interiors. Eurostyle Systems draws on a range of materials and technological capabilities to offer a rich palette of decorative solutions for the various styles and segments of the automotive market.


Passive safety is provided by components whose presence or function can minimize the impact of accidents. Evolving standards oblige us to integrate passive safety features into the design of the parts we manufacture. A new requirement to lessen the harm of pedestrian collisions directly affects the design of bonnet vent parts. (The bonnet vent lies between the base of the front windscreen and the bonnet). Eurostyle Systems has developed several innovations to meet this new demand, and they have already been included in several mass-produced vehicles.


A major challenge for tomorrow drawing much attention in the automotive sector today—is to design cleaner cars. It is only natural that Eurostyle Systems offers its clients a selection of recyclable and bio-based materials for a lighter environmental impact.