Branch Environment Policy

Scope : This environmental and energy policy applies to all Eurostyle Systems company Sites and defines the branch environmental and energy Policy that is rolled out to all site environmental and energy policies.

Responsibility : The Branch General Manager appoints the Quality & ESG Director to drive the improvement of our environmental impact & energy performance.

We are committed to continuing our development through continuous improvement and balance between economic, environmental and energy issues. Our company reason of being integrates this philosophy : “Together for
beautiful, comfortable and eco-responsible solutions”.

Thus, in line with the main environmental and energy issues & risks related to our activities, services and products, and those of our stakeholders, we commit ourselves with the support of our employees and stakeholders to
deploy an efficient environmental and energy management system throughout all our sites.

As such, we focus our efforts on the following objectives in consistency with our group NFRD/CSRD commitments (reference year : 2021) :

• Certify 100% of existing plants in 2021 to ISO 14001 by the end of 2023
• Certify 70% of existing plants in 2021 to ISO 50001 by the end of 2024,
• Implement Sustainable resource management by :
• Reducing our Greenhouse Gaz (GHG) emissions / Ton of material (plastics & leather) transformed :
• – 15% Kg Eq. CO 2 /T by 2025 on Scope 1 & 2
• – 15% Kg Eq. CO 2 /T by 2030 on Scope 3
• To be Carbon Neutral by 2050
• Improving our Electricity Energy Efficiency (KWh / Ton of material transformed) : – 10% by 2025 to reach 1390 Kwh/Ton in 2025
• Reducing Waste disposal ending in Landfill : -10% / Ton of material by 2025 in order to increase the rate of product recycled .
• Following our customers in the migration towards Green material (Use of Recycled & Biosourced raw Material) during new product development.

We adhere to all legal and other requirements, purchase energy-efficient products and services, and design energy performance improvements.

We commit to implement in all our sites a local environmental and energy Policy to limit our local impact on the environment and energy, that is :
– to prevent air, soil and water accidental pollutions, including the pollutions by Plastic Pellets,
– to develop onsite production of Renewable Energies in accordance with new European & Local regulations
– to purchase energy-efficient facilities & equipment when building, enlarging plants & industrialize new products,
– to develop Leather Alternative Solutions to take into account Animal Welfare,
– to ensure compliance with responsible chemical management (ELV,REACH regulations and internal onsite EHS dispositions on handling, storage & disposal),
– to limit deforestation, land use & impact on biodiversity when building new GreenFields,
– and to comply with the local Regulations, Legal & other Compliance Obligations

We commit to develop our product considering the life cycle perspective from the design stages to the vehicle usage and End-of-Life.
This environmental and energy Policy is communicated to all of our stakeholders via our Website and Internal Communication Board & Journal. It is revised annually according to our Branch Corporate ESG Strategy and,
environmental and energy issues during Corporate Management Reviews