In our automotive sector, success relies on shared values ​​and employee skills. Discover all our professions.


My job is to manufacture leather-wrapped interior parts for high-end vehicles, according to very precise specifications. More specifically, I cover seat shells, door panels, armrests and many other parts with leather. This task requires a lot of attention, attention to detail, agility and know-how because each product is unique. My job is also to produce parts with an impeccable quality.



My job as a production operator consists of carrying out operations to manufacture parts for certain car models, using production equipment and tools. I regularly change production machines as I’ve been trained on all of them; it keeps my work interesting and enjoyable. I also make sure that quality, deadline and safety requirements are met. There are many career prospects in working as a supervisor or trainer.


Painting Technician

I carry out the colour, finish and protection operations on different parts of the vehicle, inside and out; I treat the surface before applying the different layers of paint (primer, varnish) using robotic machines. I then carry out a visual inspection of each part, making sure that the smooth appearance and gloss finish perfectly match the customers’ requirements. This is a position that requires rigour and concentration !

Ramazan BAG

Material preparer

My job is above all to guarantee quality and compliance with deadlines in terms of sourcing and supply for the various processes. I check the quantity requirements and ensure that the material reference for the given production order is correct. I’m also responsible for the traceability of the material reference, batch number, start times on the ovens and so on. I work ahead of the manufacturing process !

Jean-Philippe PEREIRA