Our products

Our expertise is expressed through 3 product segments, which enable us to provide our customers with a complete range of plastic injection solutions, both in their interior and exterior dressing needs and purely technical parts. Our goal is to deliver to our customers complete and directly integrable parts in vehicles.

The “Interior systems” segment represents 60 of our turnover. We have been among the precursors of the injection on decor, a technology that we master perfectly.
We bring our know-how as well on isolated parts as on the more complex modules (door panels, Central consoles…) on which our customers trust us.
We also continuously adapt our skills to technological possibilities with complete mastery of the decorating technologies of our parts (hot stamping, sheathed, Thermo-sheathed…).

The design and production of exterior parts is part of the historical know-how of Eurostyle systems. Our first auto part was also an exterior part (logo of the Renault 4L).
The parts we produce in this segment are very varied since they can be both aesthetic and functional (eg: awning grids or wheel arches).
We use on the shield skins our largest injection tonnage: 2700 tons.

This segment includes plastic parts mounted in the engine environment, electrical circuit protection parts and air guides that contribute to engine cooling.
Through this segment we master advanced technologies such as bi and tri-material injection, overmolding of inserts…
It is also in this segment that a significant investment has been made in automation.