Whether it comes to innovation or project management, all our clients recognize and appreciate that we prioritize responsiveness, fulfilment of technical and scheduling requirements, and the quality of the products we develop.

Eurostyle Systems works constantly to develop employee skills, make improvements, and align our development methods with the changing constraints of the automotive sector.

Our multidisciplinary teams work together in the same facilities, where their diverse engineering skills are united.

Our design rules are supplemented every time we receive feedback on our projects.

But beyond the instruments and methods we apply, it is the extensive experience of our employees that allow us to dependably meet client expectations for developing and commencing production of products in line with our commitments.

To ensure project quality requirements are met, monitoring committee meetings held with representatives of all departments define plans of corrective action as soon as they are needed. These plans are disseminated and implemented in-house and with our clients at the earliest stage.

The stability and mastery of our product development and manufacturing processes have allowed us to work with partners abroad, whether independent or part of our corporate group, so that we may follow our carmaker clients to their international locations.

Our teams are now able and available to develop projects outside of the automotive sector.

Lean engineering, at once a philosophy and a strategy, is the latest focus of our improvement efforts and was adopted in early 2013. Our priorities are to ensure more efficient interactions between our engineering and production teams and meet client expectations.