Eurostyle Systems is an automotive part manufacturer that designs, develops, manufactures, and delivers a wide variety of plastic modules and components for vehicle interiors and exteriors.

Eurostyle Systems has advanced expertise in the coating of natural and synthetic leathers for the interior parts of premium vehicles.

To provide for an effective, high-performance organization as well as product quality and competitiveness, Eurostyle Systems has implemented, on all of its sites, a common framework of four strategic paths of action in combination with its System for Production Excellence (SPE).

The four strategic paths, developed and applied by Eurostyle Systems, are based on shared company culture, tools and processes. They rely on key performance indicators monitored across all sites and foster the profitable growth of Eurostyle Systems.

Strategy & organization

Implementation of the four strategic paths of Eurostyle Systems and the System for Production Excellence depends on a lean organizational structure that prioritizes solidarity and responsibility

and coordinates the actions of two managerial categories:

  • Site directors, who are accountable for results at their locations
  • Division directors, who ensure application of company strategy