Development / Innovation

In our automotive sector, success relies on shared values ​​and employee skills. Discover all our professions.

Design and Development Engineer

I am responsible for the design and development of products that meet the rigorous standards of our customers and the development guidelines of Eurostyle Systems. By working with customers, suppliers and technical team members, I ensure that our products are not only technically feasible, but also of the highest quality. It’s a wonderful experience, where I can bring my expertise to help create exceptional products for our customers. I am proud to be part of Eurostyle Systems, a company that values excellence and teamwork, and I feel privileged to work with such a dedicated and passionate team.

Sucheta GANDAL

Quality analyst

My role is to perform basic dimensional measurements of the samples and present the results to the project team.
In addition, I also perform tests with specialized equipment such as color and gloss evaluation.
In the laboratory, we are a well-coordinated team that is able to cover a wide range of dimensional and mechanical tests.
I am grateful to ES for the opportunity to develop professionally and personally. Working in an international team is a daily adventure.


Project manager

My main role is to ensure that new projects are smoothly integrated, while managing communication with customers, in collaboration with sales representatives. I supervise project development and the industrial launch, from the consultation phase to the design of the moulds. I develop and monitor deadline schedules and development costs. I’ve been a project manager at Eurostyle Systems for ten years, and I’m also in charge of leading all team meetings concerning project progress.


Test technician supervisor

I’m in charge of developing tests, optimising tools and checking the moulds before their transfer to the factory. I often have to travel to other production sites, both in France and abroad. I appreciated the company’s dynamism as soon as I joined. In addition, its know-how and the relationship of trust it has with its customers are the driving forces behind its growth.

Stéphane VIDAR

Innovation supervisor

My role is to propose and implement process innovation that allows the company to improve its market positioning. I provide technical support to development teams to integrate new technologies. As part of what I do, I look for ways to improve productivity by ensuring that the processes proposed are the most appropriate and adaptable. I get the products tested in the laboratory and decide whether or not corrective action is necessary. I also file patents on the manufacturing processes and materials involved.