Mission of the purchasing department

To reinforce partnerships with our suppliers at all stages, from project development to after-sales service..

For all purchasingcategories, our team of purchasers and quality supervisors is tasked with managing an international group of top-notch, responsible suppliers that meet the expectations of the automotive sector:


  • ISO/TS 16949 certification
  • Having zero quality incidents
  • Conformity of samples from the start
  • Fulfilment of commitments


  • Development at reasonable prices
  • Cost analyses
  • Productivity plans


  • Constant 100% logistical service level
  • Synchronization with development schedules


  • Respect for the environment and compliance with current regulations


  • Performance tracking and adoption of road maps for progress
  • Proactive proposal of solutions to satisfy QCD requirements

If you would like to join our supplier group, please fill out this questionnaire.

We will contactyou if your company is a fit for our partnership needs.