Global player

Active around the world, Eurostyle Systems is one of the three leading players in the development and production of plastic components and modules for the automotive and heavy-duty vehicle industries.

Eurostyle Systems develops global solutions that ensure coordination and execution of complex projects worldwide.

Through its development centers, Eurostyle Systems offers clients the full benefit of its skills and expertise, from project assessment, through design and development, and all the way up to production.

Its product portfolio spans the entire range of modules and decorative parts for vehicle interiors and exteriors.

Eurostyle Systems is a major designer and producer of interior and exterior plastic car parts, boasting over 40 years of experience and accumulated expertise in the field.

Our skills are recognized and appreciated by our clients.

Today Eurostyle Systems supports carmakers as they develop cleaner, lighter, more comfortable vehicles with ever more distinctive exterior designs.

We develop innovative solutions to meet car manufacturers’ needs for safety, lighter products, a range of decorative plastic components, paint substitution, and in-mould lamination.

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