Quality and Logistics

In our automotive sector, success relies on shared values ​​and employee skills. Discover all our professions.

Plant quality manager

On a daily basis, I apply and enforce the defined quality policy in order to meet the needs and expectations of customers (internal and external), while respecting the quality system and the company’s instructions (environmental approach, safety and internal regulations).


Purchasing quality supervisor

Part of my job involves ensuring that the quality of the products purchased meets the specifications during the development phase. I also supervise quality levels so that we achieve zero defects in mass production.


Plant logistics manager

My job is to put in place the logistical conditions so that we deliver to the customer on time with the help of indicator dashboards. I help with the analysis of the plant’s capacity by taking into account the needs of customers. This allows me to introduce relevant actions if necessary. Ultimately, I guarantee the quality of the product delivered to the customer throughout the logistics operations, from receipt to shipment.


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