GMD Plastic & Leather Systems diversifies its manufacturing processes and opts for natural materials

Since its creation, Eurostyle Systems proposes innovative solutions adapted to each of its customers.
The Innovation Department, with the help of structured methods of project follow-up and research-development, is able to develop new products and new concepts.

In close collaboration with its customers, Eurostyle Systems guarantees products that bring technical evolution and design while contributing to the improvement of comfort, perceived quality, and adaptability to all vehicle ranges.

Eurostyle Systems carries out projects of interior parts for vehicles using authentic materials combined with traditional plastics and meeting the requirements of the automotive sector.

Authentic materials are a generic term for all textiles or coatings that contain natural materials (mainly cork and linen).

The objective of these research processes is to find an alternative to synthetic []fibers but also to diversify its product range thanks to a long research and development process.

In addition to the recycled textile, which is another option privileged by Eurostyle Systems, the choice of natural materials for the covering of the parts located inside the vehicle is a significant strategic axis.

These textiles will have vocation to cover many parts of essential and visible aspects in an interior (strip, insert, armrest).

The types of natural materials from linen to cork are studied by Eurostyle Systems to cover all the ranges of vehicles, from city cars to premium vehicles.

This strategic orientation towards natural materials allows Eurostyle Systems to answer the demand of its customers in terms of decoration of parts while having a concern for the ecological dimension.