Bonyhad Hongrie

Custom manufacturing and high quality products

Eurostyle Systems Bonyhàd produces interior components for vehicles, in particular laminated leather parts for premium production series.

Our company is one of the leading automotive suppliers, including the production of innovative interior components for premium automotive industry. We mainly produce leather-covered parts for premium brands such as Lamborghini, Bentley, BMW, AMG-Mercedes, Porsche or Audi and their tier one suppliers.

The needs of our customers range from individual orders to mass serial production.

For exemple, we cover with leather: armrests, awnings, back covers, hat racks, trims, seat covers.

Our latest project: the door panel for the Lamborghini Urus.

Production currently takes place at 3 locations in Bonyhád: our oldest plant hall is located in the city center, where the leather we received is inspected, cut and sewn since 2005/06.
In 2015, we expanded with a new factory hall of 7500 square meters in the industrial park, where our main activity is now concentrated: lamination.

In March 2018, another factory extension of almost 1300 square meters took place, which was built by the Municipality of Bonyvom Kft. with the support of the operational program of territorial and population development for 300 million HUF.

Within the programme Széchenyi 2020, Eurostyle Systems Kft. A Bonyhád received HUF 443.92 million (48%) in financial aid. The total size of the project is HUF 924.83 million. The aim is to develop the automobile leather manufacturing activities in Bonyhád. The project will be implemented in the Bonyhád Industrial Park, creating about 26 new jobs and considerably strengthening the company’s position in the market of automotive suppliers.

In 2020, Eurostyle Systems successfully fulfilled the requirements of an IATF 16949 quality management system for continuous improvement, with a focus on error prevention and waste reduction in the supply chain