Eurostyle Systems Molinges : The plant doubles its storage area

Located in the heart of the Plastics Valley since 1972, the Eurostyle Systems Molinges plant specializes in parts for the automotive sector. The plant has produced rear-view mirrors, door handles, fuel flaps, air vents and a large number of vehicle interior parts for many European car manufacturers. The site has a paint facility that enables it to meet the demands of these customers.

By joining the GMD group in 2007, the MBP plant, now Eurostyle Systems Molinges, continued its rise to become a leading supplier of interior and exterior solutions for automotive parts.


Today the plant still marks a major milestone in its history and creates the Eurostyle Systems Molinges 2021 project. This ambitious development project consists of the acquisition of new injection presses (from 650 to 1 000 Tons), accompanied by an expansion of the site.


Thus, a new building doubling the storage area of 1200 m², for deliveries and doubling the delivery platforms was created.

 “Industrial developments are sometimes difficult,” explained François-Xavier Lemasson, “the automotive sector is evolving rapidly and the market is changing: before, it was demanding, complicated to master but predictable; now it is ultra-competitive, complex and unpredictable.
There is strong pressure on prices, falling volumes are increasing demand, and customers are re-organizing and joining forces. This investment was essential to keep the site alive, we can be proud to develop a competitive industrial automotive activity in this region”. 


 The presentation ceremony of the ESM 2021 Project and the inauguration of the new spaces took place on Thursday, October 08, 2020 in the presence of many personalities and employees of the plant.