Custom manufacturing and high quality products

For more than 30 years, Eurostyle Systems Würzburg has been one of the leading suppliers of interior parts for the high-end automotive industry.

Historically, Eurostyle Systems Würzburg started with the customization of vehicles for Porsche and Daimler. Over the years, we have acquired a real expertise and developed a very sharp know-how.

In the course of our many years of development, we have become a partner for OEMs in the implementation of automotive series processes, with deliveries in JIT and JIS.

Vehicle interiors are subject to constant evolution in terms of design, technologies and materials used.

As an innovative company, we are able to help design the future of the interior by integrating a variety of functionalities and possibilities.

Another focus of our innovation is to make increasingly complex vehicles lighter and therefore more fuel-efficient: Eurostyle Systems helps to make vehicles safer and at the same time more economical, with better design and quality.