Our Policies

Our Quality Policy

Our aim is to be the sustainable reference for automotive suppliers for interior, exterior and engine environment products in terms of design, business development and production. To achieve this, Eurostyle Systems focuses its attention on the management and execution of processes, relies on the efficiency of its processes and benefits from the involvement of the women and men who compose it.

This objective will be achieved by the continuous satisfaction of our customers and interested parties by answering their daily requirements in terms of Quality – Cost – Time

In this respect, we apply the IATF 16949 standard, from the development of our products to deliver to our customers, by deploying a continuous improvement approach based on our processes.

Our quality policy reflects our desire to develop the skills of the teams in all our entities and to optimize our operational performance.

Our company is concerned about the safety of people and property and is committed to protecting the environment, both during the design and manufacture of products.
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Our Health & Safety Policy

Our sustainable growth strategy fully integrates the protection of our employees, which is one of the pillars of our strategic plan. Thus, Eurostyle Systems places its Occupational Health and Safety policy among its priority concerns, inscribing it in its overall continuous improvement approach in order to ensure the elimination of hazards and reduce the risks for Health and Safety at work.

Through this one, Eurostyle Systems is committed to respecting, within its different entities, all the applicable requirements of each country, as well as giving particular importance to providing safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injuries and pathologies to all its employees, as well as to all the people working on behalf of our company.

The management of each site must, in the framework of the improvement of the performance in Occupational Health and Safety, promote a culture favorable to the Occupational Health and Safety management system, in particular with the collaboration of the representatives of the workers, define the objectives specific to the activities, products and services, and ensure their deployments in all processes.

We regularly monitor Occupational Health and Safety KPIs that allow us to act daily on improving our practices and our policies.
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